Can you achieve Financial Freedom with Zrii?

Get paid with 11 PAYCHECKS from Zrii

Zrii provides abundance for everyone. The Zrii Compensation Plan is unmatched.

If you are looking for an extra $500 per month, or if you are open to earning over $50,000 per month, Zrii  supports you.  We’ve studied more than 3 dozen companies  within the industry.  Now you too are about to discover why so many are calling Zrii “home”.

It pays to be with Zrii.  We dare you to find a better way to be compensated.

Discover all 11 paychecks below:


(1) Enroller Bonus (30% paid weekly)

The Zrii Compensation Plan pays more up-front weekly income than any other company in the industry.  You will receive a 30% commission check each time you enroll an IE (Independent Executive) into Zrii with a business pack.

For each person you enroll at the one-time premium pack level, $1500, Zrii will pay you a $450.00 paycheck.  These paychecks are limitless!  For example, as you enroll 10 people at the premium pack level Zrii will pay  you $4,500.00.  We enrolled 48 people our first month and our mailbox was overflowing with these paychecks.  There is no time limit either… enroll someone a year from now and you’ll receive a 30% commission check.  Plus each time a business pack is enrolled by one of your team members, YOU can earn up to $75.00 each time!   Enroller Bonus Payout:

Enroll a Business Pack —————   You Receive A 30% Commission Check

$1,500.   Premium Pack                                    $450.  paycheck

$1,000.   Pro Pack                                               $300. paycheck

$    500.  Essentials Pack                                  $150.  paycheck

$      50.   Start Kit                                                 $0       (no product – therefore no commissions paid)

(2) Rising Star Pool (Fluctuating market revenue shares paid monthly)

In addition to The Enroller Bonus (above) you can also receive instant profit and revenue sharing with Zrii! Share in 3% of the entire market volume each calendar month.

Simply earn 10 shares within  a calendar month and you will receive a Rising Star Check for that month!

Would you like an additional $3,000.00 paycheck?  OK, here’s the example: as you look at the chart below, imagine enrolling 10 people at the premium pack level of $1500 within a calendar month.  Because each $1500 pack is worth 6 shares, as you enroll 10, this would garner you 60 shares in this lucrative pool.  Let’s say shares, for that calendar month, were worth $50 each.  You’d receive a $3,000.00 paycheck.

Enroll a Business Pack or Autoship ————-    You Earn This # of Shares

$1,500.   Premium Pack                                                                      6

$1,000.   Pro Pack                                                                                 4

$    500.   Essential Pack                                                                      2

$     240.   auto ship                                                                               1

$     120.   auto ship                                                                             1/2

Just enroll 1 Premium Pack ($1500) and 1 Pro Pack ($1000) in any calendar month to gain 10 shares. This is the easiest way to qualify every month for the Rising Star Pool.  This is also why the $1500 Premium Pack is the most popular pack!  Just play in The Rising Star Pool every month and all other paychecks will follow. Many ask why the one-time $1500 pack is so popular, it’s not just because it’s the easiest way to qualify for this pool… and it’s not just because it’s the best value (you receive over $1700 in product)… it’s because you can grow your Zrii Business 3 times faster.  Here’s how: Imagine person A is enrolling $1500 Packs and person B is enrolling $500 Packs… person A is growing 3 times faster than person B, because $1500 Packs have 3 times more volume.  There’s nothing wrong with enrolling $500 packs it will just take you 3 times as long to reach the next star rank.  Go fast or go slow… we’ll share a secret FAST IS FUN and it will jettison you through the star ranks!  Speaking of Star Ranks read about the 3rd paycheck you can receive with Zrii…

(3) Team Commissions (10% recurring residual commission check paid weekly)

The Zrii compensation plan is the most sought after in the entire industry because it is a hybrid binary.  The first part of the hybrid binary is called Team Commissions(T.C.). Team Commissions is where Zrii pays you long-term overrides and residual income checks, based on your team’s efforts.  Team Commission’s are paid to unlimited depth and these checks naturally increase as you build your team over time.  Build it once and be paid over and over again.  Here with Zrii you build 2 legs, or 2 income teams, and this makes it easy for everyone, because everyone knows 2 people.  It also means everyone is stacked into two teams or two legs/lines.  Here at Zrii you can help those you enroll by placing people underneath others.  You can tell those you enroll, “I will be placing 50% of my enrollments from this day forward onto YOUR team, and YOU can earn income from all those I place on your team!”

For example, let’s say you enroll 4 people into Zrii and you never enroll another person.  Then those 4 go out and each enroll 4 into Zrii, the following month you’d have 16 within your team.  The next month as all 16 each enroll 4, you’d have 64 people on your Zrii team.  As this duplication model continues your weekly Team Commission (T.C.) check  can become very lucrative.  Part time we told a few people who told others and we now have a team of thousands upon thousands of teammates.  See the Team Commissions (T.C.) example below:

Month ———————— # of Zrii Teammates —————————    T.C. Income you receive

1                                                              4                                                                $24.00/month

2                                                            16                                                               $120.00/month

3                                                            64                                                              $504.00/month

4                                                           256                                                            $2,084.00/month

5                                                          1024                                                          $8,184.00/month

6                                                          4096                                                          $32,759.00/month

To activate your Team Commission Check, you only need to enroll two IEs (Independent Executives).  Place one personally enrolled IE (Independent Executive – someone who enrolls with a pack or start kit and a minimum of a $120 auto ship) inside your left income team or left leg, and place one personally enrolled IE inside your right income team or right leg.  After that you’ll repeat the process.  Keeping your two teams as even as possible will maximize your Team Commission paycheck.  Team Commissions (T.C.) is paid to unlimited depth!  It’s also dynamically compressed and very predictable income! Zrii will pay you 10% commission on your pay leg or profit leg. So decide what kind of Team Commission check you need to pay your car payment or your mortgage payment every month.  What monthly amount would retire you from your current job? What kind of monthly check would you like for retirement?  Here is the chart showing how we are ranked by star level in Zrii and the minimum Team Commission (T.C.) check associated with each star rank:

Rank in Zrii —— Volume in both legs/teams ———— Your minimum monthly T.C. check

1 Star                                       $1,000                                                        $100.00/month

2 Star                                       $2,000                                                       $200.00/month

3 Star                                       $4,000                                                       $400.00/month

4 Star                                       $10,000                                                    $1,000.00/month

5 Star                                       $20,000                                                    $2,000.00/month

6 Star                                       $30,000                                                    $3,000.00/month

7 Star                                       $50,000                                                    $5,000.00/month

8 Star                                        $100,000                                                 $10,000.00/month

9 Star                                        $200,000                                                 $20,000.00/month

10 Star                                     $300,000                                                 $30,000.00/month

As a 10 Star, the maximum Team Commission payout to you will be $50,000.00/month, yet as you achieve 10 Star you will unlock 3 additional business centers or positions within Zrii.  Each will be positioned above your existing 10 star position(s). All 4 business centers can earn $50,000.00/month thus Team Commissions maximizes at $200,000.00/monthThe Zrii Compensation Plan provides 4 business centers to you.  Compare compensation plans in the industry and you will find many only provide one business center or position.

Beyond 10 Star, the uppermost ranks in Zrii are Ruby, Double Ruby & Triple Ruby where you will earn an unlimited, un-capped Matching Bonus, the second part of the Hybrid Binary.   See Below.

(4) Matching Bonus (20% and beyond paid weekly)

The Zrii Compensation Plan also includes a Matching Bonus and this is the 2nd part of the Hybrid Binary, and it is powerful. The Matching Bonus is where you are paid on both of your teams or legs.  As you attain 4 Star in Zrii (ask for the “4 Star in 4 weeks ALL STAR Plan”! Email us at you will have  unlocked the most lucrative section of the Zrii Compensation Plan. You will receive a 20% override commission check on all those you personally enroll. Plus you can receive an additional  5% – 20% override commission check on all those enrolling onto your team… and you didn’t even do the enrolling.

For example, let’s say you are a 4 Star and you’ve enrolled 4 people into Zrii.  They each go on to earn $10,000.00 per month in Zrii Team Commissions (T.C.).  This means Zrii is paying out $40,000.00 per month to all 4 of your personally enrolled.  You will receive a 20% bonus on $40,000.00 each month.  In this example you would receive an $8,000.00/month Matching Bonus Check paid to you month, after month, after month.

This is not a linear bonus this is a generational and dynamically compressed bonus.  For example: Let’s say you’ve enrolled 5 people who have not yet achieved 4 Star.  They each go out and enroll 5 people.  You would have a team of 30 (your 5 plus the 25 they enrolled cumulatively).  Zrii will provide you a 20% Matching Bonus on the entire group of 30 people because no one has reached 4 star yet.   As the system locates a 4 Star you will then receive a 10% Matching Bonus on that 4 Star and their entire organization.  And yes, you will still continue to receive the original 20% Matching Bonus Check on all of your personally enrolled and all those who’ve not yet attained 4 Star.

Continue to advance in star rank and you will continue to unlock additional matching bonuses up to 5 generations deep!  This is unmatched in the industry.  Go out and share Zrii now & help those on your team to share Zrii too because you’re paid very well to support your team!  Here is the chart outlining the percentage payout you receive within the dynamically compressed, generational Zrii Matching Bonus:

Qualified:                   4-5 Star —————–   6 Star ——————   7 Star ——————-  8 star+

1st Generation             20%                                20%                              20%                             20%

2nd Generation          10%                                  10%                               10%                             10%

3rd Generation               –                                      5%                                 5%                               5%

4th Generation               –                                       –                                     5%                               5%

5th Generation               –                                       –                                     –                                   5%

Compare network marketing compensation plans!  One popular company only pays a 7% Match on the first generation and they cap the payout at $2,500.00.   Most companies do not offer a matching bonus at all. It pays to compare and this is why so many see the Zrii Compensation Plan first then call Zrii their “home”.  If you’re going to put the effort into building a team once, to generate an income that you can will or sell to another, doesn’t it make sense to be paid at the highest level?  We agree!

(5) $1000 Pace Setter Bonus (one time bonuses paid monthly)

This one time bonus within The Zrii Compensation plan will reward you up to $1,000.00 for getting your move-and-groove on!

It pays to go fast!

IEs (Independent Executives) who achieve 1 ,2 and/or 3 Star within their first full month in the business receive extra paychecks!

Star Rank Achieved in first full month ————————  Bonus Check Paid to You

1 Star                                                                                                             $100

2 Star                                                                                                             $300

3 Star                                                                                                             $600

These checks are cumulative.  So, as you achieve 2 star you’d receive both checks listed above totaling $400.00.  As you achieve 3 Star you’d receive all 3 checks totaling $1,000.00.  So enroll today, grab a Red Book (under training – The Red Book) and get to it ASAP!   We will help you reach 4 Star in 4 weeks.  Email us at and ask to reverse engineer your star goal, it’s easy! Why not think bigger?  The Levines and The Mancusos both hit 7 star in 7 weeks, separately… before we partnered!  It’s all up to you and how many people you will share Zrii with.  Share this website and the Zrii Hotline Call  (under Training – Live and Recorded Calls) with as many people as you can, then schedule follow up calls with each and watch your team naturally grow outside of your efforts.

(6) 1.45 Million Dollar Achievement Bonus (one time bonuses paid monthly)

The Zrii Compensation Plan provides  you with a bonus check each time you advance in star rank.  Think about your current job or business for a moment.  Do you receive extra compensation for advancing up the ladder?  In Zrii you do!  Beginning at 4 Star you will receive a one time  $1,000.00 paycheck.  You will see many Team members of The ALL STAR Life at Zrii corporate events being brought up on stage to receive their giant checks.  Photos can be found in our home page video and all over the internet!  If you are a network marketer with a team… as you bring your down line to The ALL STAR Life… we welcome you to a 1.45 million dollar signing bonus.  Here’s the chart outlining all the one-time checks you will receive from Zrii as you attain and hold each star level:

4 Stars receive a $1,000      paycheck

5 Stars receive a $2,000      paycheck

6 Stars receive a $3,000      paycheck

7 Stars receive a $5,000      paycheck

8 Stars receive a $14,000    paycheck

9 Stars receive a $25,000    paycheck

10 Stars receive a $50,000 paycheck

Ruby receives a                  $250,000    paycheck

Double Ruby receives a $500,000     paycheck

Triple Ruby receives a   $1 MILLION paycheck

Add these checks up and you can see you’ll receive a 1.45 million dollar signing bonus just for joining Zrii and doing the work you’d be doing anyway.  It’s better here.  This is the bonus you share with those in network marketing… as they bring over their team to Zrii, they can receive multiple Achievement Bonus Checks in one shot!

(7) Retail Bonus (25% paid on P.C.s weekly)

The Zrii Compensation Plan pays you for all the Personal Customers (P.C.s) you accumulate as well, yet we recommend leading with the business in this economy.  That means helping people to see their  ROI (Return on Investment) with the Zrii business.  It’s easier to help people by offering them a way to earn more income because it’s what people need most right now.  As you show the Zrii products and business some may just want to become a Preferred Customer (P.C.).  In other words, they may be interested in just enjoying the product.  In this instance Zrii will provide you a 25% commission check on every auto ship order (and every one time order).

SIGN 4 PREFERRED CUSTOMERS (P.C.s) & YOUR AUTO SHIP IS “FREE” : Naturally as you enroll 4 P.C.s, your own auto ship can be paid for by Zrii.  For example, let’s say you chose a $255.00 monthly auto ship, like we have.  If you’d like Zrii to reimburse you $255.00 every month, simply enroll 4 P.C.s, each with a $255.00 monthly auto ship.  The 25% commission check you receive on all 4 P.C.s each month totals 100%… and your auto ship is covered!  Welcome to rock solid retention in Zrii.

NOTE:  P.C.s (PREFERRED CUSTOMERS) DO NOT RECEIVE COMMISSION CHECKS: Only IEs (Independent Executives – Those who enroll with an initial one-time business pack  of $50, $500, $100, or -$1500, and an auto ship of $120 or higher) receive commission checks.  A Personal Customer (P.C.) can upgrade to an IE at anytime (the original enroller will receive the Enroller Bonus at the time of the upgrade).   So before you enroll a P.C. be sure to ask them, “Do you want a rebate on your product, or  would you like to receive your product FREE?” When they say yes, be sure to position them as an IE by enrolling them with a “one-time $50 Costco Membership Fee”.  This will provide them with a IE position inside of your income team, and as an IE they will be able to refer people to the great product(s) they enjoy and they can then receive a  rebate, free product, and/or commissions.

(8) Leadership Pool (Monthly shares from 1% of GLOBAL Sales, paid monthly)

As you attain 8 Star and above you can enjoy 1% of the GLOBAL, let us repeat that, GLOBAL commissionable volume produced by Zrii every month!

IEs (Independent Executives) earn one share in this leadership pool for every 1000 qualifying volume increase in their profit or pay leg in a month.  This can be as simple as one $1000 Pro Pack enrolling into your profit or pay leg each month, regardless if you or someone other than you does the enrolling.  The entire pack amount counts toward everyone’s qualifying volume all the way up the line!

(9) BMW or Luxury Car Bonus  (paid monthly)

We dedicated an entire page to the BMW or Luxury Car bonus.  Click on ZRII COMPANY CAR to see our  HILARIOUS BMW commercial and to discover how you can receive an outstanding car reimbursement check, every single month, toward the lease or purchase of a newer model BMW or any luxury car of your choice!

You vehicle must be Zrii’s branding colors: Red, black, silver, or white. Many copy the  URL at the top of the BMW page and then email/Facebook the link, with the HILARIOUS BMW commercial, to friends, because everybody wants to know how to receive a BMW paid for by Zrii!  Follow up after you send the link and enroll them onto your Zrii team.  It’s that simple. Here’s the automobile reimbursement schedule:


7 Star                      $  500/month

8 Star                      $  750/month

9 Star                      $1000/month

10 Star                   $1250/month

(10) Founders Bonus (paid annually)

Each time Zrii launches a new country you have the ability to earn a portion of that country’s revenue for the lifetime of your position in Zrii.  The Founders club is an exclusive and finite group of people limited to those who attain 7 Star volume, within that country, within that same country’s first year of operation.   After one year the doors close on that specific country’s Founders Bonus.  Whoever is inside will share in 1% of that country’s revenue for the lifetime of their position within Zrii.  This singular annual check will often be more than most people earn all year working a 40 hour per week job.  We are founders in the USA and Canada. So think of who you know who lives in your country, yet has contacts in the countries listed below.   Let them know about Zrii and they can take it to the other country through their contacts.  

We are a very young company and only operate in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.  Israel is next  likely followed by Europe.  Imagine for a moment the big companies that are established, and have reached market saturation, in over 50 countries.  It’s best to be in early and launch into these countries because you can enjoy a portion of each country’s revenue throughout your lifetime with Zrii.

(11) Week Long Paid Vacations, twice a year!

Every year there’s a new and exciting destination for you to enjoy!  Zrii has provided the four of   us and hundreds of other Zrii IEs with great vacations, Hawaii and  an amazing Alaskan Cruise just to name 2!  The current destination is:

Costa Rica: December 2010

Rack up the points and go on the trip by personally enrolling IEs and PCs between May 1, 2010, and October 31, 2010.  Even the IEs and PCs enrolled by your personal enrollees between May 1, 2010, and October 31, 2010 count toward YOUR points.

Qualification volume levels are:

  1. Grow your personal enrollment volume* to 40,000 to be eligible to attend the trip and receive paid hotel accommodations for two (based on double occupancy, airfare not included).
  2. Grow your personal enrollment volume to 60,000 to qualify with Rising Star Perks, including paid hotel accommodations for two (based on double occupancy) and airfare reimbursement up to $250 per person.
  3. Grow your personal enrollment volume to 75,000 to qualify with All Star Perks, including paid deluxe hotel accommodations for two (based on double occupancy) and airfare reimbursement up to $500 per person.
  • Some restrictions apply so visit the corporate site – opportunity – incentives

You can enjoy all 11 paychecks thanks to the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!  Our CEO, Bill Farley, requires the best of everything.  The best products, the best market share, the best industry, the best endorsements and of course the best compensation plan.

Only IEs  or Independent Executives (Individuals who order a one-time Business Pack and who are on minimum monthly autoship of $120.00) are qualified to receive paychecks.  Some qualifications include:

(1) The Enroller Bonus you must be on a minimum $120 autoship.

(2) The Rising Star Pool you must be on a minimum $240 autoship.

(3) Team Commissions you must be on a minimum $120 autoship through 3 star.  4 star executives and above must be on a minimum $240 autoship to receive commission checks.  You must have 2 personally enrolled IEs – one placed  inside of your left income team/left leg, and one placed inside of your right  income team/right leg (an IE is defined as someone who enrolled at the one-time $1500, $1000, $500, or $50 level and is maintaining a minimum $120 monthly autoship).

(4) Matching Bonus you must be a 4 Star.  4 Stars must be on a minimum $240 autoship. You will be paid a matching bonus on all your personally enrolled IEs (Independent Executives), all the IEs they personally enroll.  As you advance in rank you will unlock additional generational matching checks up to 5 generations deep.  Your Matching check is based on each IEs Team Commission Check.  You will be paid a matching bonus regardless which income team/leg the IEs are positioned in, and regardless of if you personally enrolled them or not, so long as they are somehow “related” back to someone you originally enrolled.

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