Can you make money in Zrii?

The Zrii Prosperity Plan™ and WHY it is so Innovative!

Zrii Prosperity Plan / Zrii Compensation Plan Offers You a Fantastic Financial Future. 

Zrii Prosperity Plan is the most innovative, generous and rewarding pay plan in Network Marketing Industry today. Zrii has combined seven of the very best elements in network marketing providing you a plan unmatched in the network marketing industry. What separates Zrii from all the other Network Marketing companies out there is that Zrii started from day one with the vision and mission to become a global multi-billion dollar brand and to bring prosperity & abundance to the world. Zrii clearly has demonstrated this vision by setting a record in sales.

Proof is in the putting: Over $43 million in sales in the first 12 months of business.

Bill Farley knew that in order to make his vision become a reality, Zrii prosperity plan had to be unique and generous. Most MLM companies start with intention to make money. Mr. Farley has already done that and he become wealthy long before Zrii.

Bill Farley intention is to create a legacy of prosperity and abundance for all people who want to be part of something special. One remarkable fortitude of Bill is that he chose to call Zrii Compensation Plan, The Prosperity Plan, which is in congruence with Zrii Vision and Mission.

(Download the pdf version of the Zrii Prosperity Plan )

Download now or preview on posterous

EN_Prosperity.pdf (206 KB)

The Seven Ways Categorized into 3 Major Income Streams:

Zrii Prosperity Plan / Zrii Compensation Plan Offers: Immediate Income, Long-Term Residual Income and Generational Wealth-Building Income!
  1. Immediate Income: Earn Immediate and weekly income with Zrii Fast-Start Bonuses as you build the foundation of your business. Get Paid Next Friday.
  2. Long-Term Residual Income: 

    Zrii 10% Team Commissions on the lesser leg pays you to unlimited levels creating life-long residual income.

  3. Lifestyle and Generational Income:
    Zrii leadership bonuses, matching bonuses, and the ability to become founder in any country Zrii opens, allows you to create a lifestyle income and generational wealth.

Seven Ways To Make Money with Zrii:


1. Fast Start Bonus
(Paid Weekly)


Zrii Prosperity Plan / Zrii Compensation Plan Makes Perfect Sense for Creating Momentum 

Zrii understands that the only way to create momentum is to get new people paid as quickly as possible. With our Fast-Start bonus you are indeed rewarded quickly and handsomely for sponsoring and training new people. Regardless if you sign up Preferred Customers or Independent Executives, you are paid the same which is great.


2. Fast -Start Bonus Pool
(Paid Monthly)


Zrii Prosperity Plan / Zrii Compensation Plan, most innovative, generous and rewarding pay plan. 

The Fast Start Bonus Pool was put in place to motivate the go-getters make extra money as they create momentum in their businesses. In any given month, just go out and personally enroll new people (can be either Preferred Customers or Independent Executives) on AutoShip and you will qualify for shares in the pool. Depending on how many people you enroll, you can earn as many shares as you want . The bonus vary each month based on sales volume that month & how many people have qualified.


3. Team Commissions 
Residual Income

(Paid Monthly)


Zrii Prosperity Plan / Zrii Compensation Plan, Zrii Residual Income pays you on 9 Levels with Dynamic Compression! 

The team Commissions pays you 10% of your lesser leg volume, non-fast start OV (organizational volume) to unlimited depth. This is very generous because there is no limit to how big you build your team. Long-term residual income is the income of the wealthy. Give your Zrii business 3-5 years of consistent effort. You also have my support and guidance. I will help you create the residual income you desire.


4. Achievement Bonuses
Up to 1.5 Million in Bonuses

(Paid Once Per Rank, Each Rank Vary)


Zrii Compensation Plan and its Infinity Bonus allows you to make extra money as you build leaders at deep levels. 

Zrii will reward you as you promote yourself to the next level. There are 13 promotions levels you can achieve with Zrii. Beginning with 4 stars level you start receiving onetime bonus for your efforts. You can earn up to $1.5 million. Please download theZrii Compensation Plan (PDF) for more detail explanation.


5. Matching Bonus
(Paid Monthly)


Zrii Compensation Plan pays you 20% Matching Bonus. You are rewarded handsomely to help your personally enrolled team members. 

This is one of the best part of the Zrii Prosperity Plan, I personally love this part of the plan because it gives great incentive to work long term with our personally enrolled team members. Beginning with 4 stars level, Zrii will pay you matching bonuses up to 5 generations. This is very, very significant. Zrii will pay you 20% Matching Bonus on every one of your personally enrolled Independent Executives and 10% of the people, your people enroll and 5% from level 3-5 depending on your level.

For Example, one of your personally sponsored person’s team commission check is $1,000, your 20% matching bonus is $200 and so on. Imagine if you help 10 people make at least $10K in team commission a month. Your Matching Bonus of 20% will be $20,000 for that given month. This is only on your personally enrolled people, what about the second generations and up to 5 generations which can be even bigger bonuses. Again, this is extremely powerful and very rewarding part of the Zrii Compensation Plan.

This is just one of the seven ways we get paid. Now you see why Zrii Prosperity Plan is so innovative! Wealth is all around us, it is up to us whether we do what it takes to bring the wealth into our lives. Getting paid while you sleep/dream is very beautiful.


6. Leadership Pool
(Paid Monthly)


Zrii All-Stars Make The Big Money: With Zrii Compensation Plan you make money on the entire company Global Sales. 

Once you enter this elite club of Zrii executives, you will celebrate in the success of the entire company. Share in a pool of 1% of global non-Fast Start commissionable volume. Qualified 8-Star and above Independent Executives earn one share of the Leadership Pool for every 1,000 organizational volume increase of non-fast start volume in their lesser leg in any given month. Now you get paid a small percentage on every single bottle of Zrii sold anywhere in the world. This is absolutely amazing and this another reason why our Pay Plan is called The Prosperity Plan.


7. Founder’s Bonus
(Paid Annually)


As a Zrii International Founder, you create income for generations. This is one of the reasons why Zrii Compensation Plan is best ever.  

As a Zrii founder, you are building real wealth. Help Zrii expand internationally and Zrii will share with you the profits. Share in 2% of the commissionable sales for each new market we open, and continue to share in 1% of total market commissionable sales during all subsequent years you qualify. Since Zrii is at the very beginning of its international expansion, you have the same opportunity as anyone in Zrii. Welcome to prosperity, abundance and wellbeing.


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