Efusjon Leaders Top paying positions!

When one door closes another door opens.  


Zrii invites Efusjon Leaders to Realize their dreams through the Zrii Opportunity

Did You know that 80% of all network marketing companies fail within the first 18 months?  

Before you join a new start up MLM company read this information.


Why is Zrii the right opportunity for you?

  • Proven turn-key marketing system makes building your business easy
  • Top Leaders & coaching support
  • Get in at the ground floor past the start up phase
  • Opportunity to be a part of the global expansion
  • Be part of a company that is growing at an exponential rate
  • President and CEO is a mega-millionaire
  • Debt Free company 



The timing is perfect

Many people just like you are able to buy that bigger home, go on an extra long vacation, spend more time with their family, or buy their dream car.

You have the opportunity to partner with a man who has been responsible for many billion dollar brands including Fruit of the Loom, BVD, Lucchese, Dan Post, Dingo, Acme, Gitano, and Jordache.

Ground floor positions are filling up fast. Don’t let this pass you by!











Our CEO is an Award-Winning Billion-Dollar Global Branding Icon & he’s on the move:

He’s building his 7th famous household name brand & he’s inviting you to help.  

If you could earn 10,000.00 a month, by passing this website to those in economic need…would you do it?

Great we’ll train you how with our simple system.

Abundance is calling… will you answer?

Zrii’s Prosperity Plan

Zrii Prosperity Plan is the most innovative, generous and rewarding pay plan in Network Marketing Industry today. Zrii has combined seven of the very best elements in network marketing providing you a plan unmatched in the network marketing industry. What separates Zrii from all the other Network Marketing companies out there is that Zrii started from day one with the vision and mission to become a global multi-billion dollar brand and to bring prosperity & abundance to the world. Zrii clearly has demonstrated this vision by setting a record in sales.

Proof is in the putting: Over $43 million in sales in the first 12 months of business.

 Bill Farley knew that in order to make his vision become a reality, Zrii prosperity plan had to be unique and generous. Most MLM companies start with intention to make money. Mr. Farley has already done that and he become wealthy long before Zrii. Bill Farley intention is to create a legacy of prosperity and abundance for all people who want to be part of something special. One remarkable fortitude of Bill is that he chose to call Zrii Compensation Plan, The Prosperity Plan, which is in congruence with Zrii Vision and Mission.

(Download the pdf version of the Zrii Prosperity Plan )

Download now or preview on posterous

EN_Prosperity.pdf (206 KB)

With Zrii, you get paid in three primary ways. Upfront, residual, and bonuses/incentives. Need some quick cash? No problem. Zrii pays you generously upfront for every person you enroll (they send the check to your mailbox the very next week!).

Want to build a business that pays you for the rest of your life? Zrii rewards you generously every month based on your team commissions.

Need some big bonus checks? Zrii pays you some incredible bonuses for moving up in rank. They also provide you with incentives for building your business – like all-inclusivevacations and a BMW reimbursement program!

Zrii generously rewards you like no other company!

We commit to helping You if You commit to Success ! 


Evaluate for Yourself and make an informed and intelligent decision to partner with the Top paying Leaders in Zrii!  Global Abundance Creation just may be the opportunity You have been seeking!
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