Zrii Business Opportunity Review 2010

  • A highly beneficial and innovative product, with real possibilities of becoming a globally recognized brand
  • A ground-floor business opportunity, that allows you to be a pioneer at its highest momentum! Imagine that you had been offered to be a partner of Microsoft(TM) or Starbucks(TM) within their first years?
  • A new approach, that can lead to a fast growth of your network almost on autopilot, without the inconveniences and hassle of traditional MLM strategies!

TIMING – Zrii is a record-breaking company that is still ground level. In the 72 year history of this industry, Zrii s inaugural year shattered all records by grossing 44 million dollars!

LEADERSHIP – Our founder and CEO Bill Farley, has already built 6 different BILLION DOLLAR global household name brands. He wants Zrii to be not only lucky number 7, but he wants Zrii to be his legacy.

ENDORSEMENT – Zrii has the most credible and powerful endorsement in the nutritional industry today. Dr. Deepak Chopra is the world s foremost expert on natural medicine. In fact, Zrii is the ONLY 3rd party product the Chopra Center has EVER endorsed.

AMAZING PRODUCTS – People are now looking for alternative ways to prevent disease and heal the body. The wellness industry is exploding and people are looking for all natural, preservative free products that actually work.

COMPENSATION – The bonuses and compensation model that Zrii has developed has literally revolutionized the network marketing industry. Financial prosperity and abundance are now available to anyone who has vision and is willing to work to attain it. Whether you want to earn enough money to simply pay for your product, make an extra few hundred or thousand dollars a month, or really embrace this opportunity and retire yourself there is a place for you in Zrii!

Bill Farley, the mastermind behind Zrii, is an american business icon, that has led brands like Christian Dior, Jordache, Boston White Sox and Fruit of the Loom to success. He put together the best scientists to formulate the product, and the best executive team and marketing experts for business development and distributor support, with over a 100 years of added experience in multilevel marketing.

Its the only third-party product line ever endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra for improving physical and mental health. His Chopra Center is an international reference in the practice of integrative medicine, and the creation and difussion of knowledge for well-being and prosperity. Dr. Chopra is considered one of the most influential persons in the world!

Zrii has established the most innovative and highest rewarding plan in network marketing history, combining the best components within MLM industry plans with a set of results and growth based bonuses designed to let you achieve high levels of income in a short term. Download the Prosperity plan!

Zrii is a ground-floor network marketing opportunity, in an active international expansion process. By joining now as a distributor, when the network is at its highest growth potential, gives you higher possibilities of achieving the top income levels, and be a pioneer in this business.

You do have to be an expert marketer or a natural sales person to be successful. We will provide you with tools and training that can allow you to achieve success in a fast way, by the use of innovative marketing and presentation strategies, online and offline… why invent the wheel, when you can replicate proven working methods! You just have to commit part of your time.

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