Zrii Top Paying position available!


Our CEO is an Award-Winning Billion-Dollar Global Branding Icon & he’s on the move:

He’s building his 7th famous household name brand & he’s inviting you to help.  

If you could earn 10,000.00 a month, by passing this website to those in economic need…would you do it?

Great we’ll train you how with our simple system.

Abundance is calling… will you answer?

Recruiters & Executives needed: No sales experience necessary.  Positive minded people looking to use or improve their communication skills while helping others in need. Forward this page, by highlighting the URL above, and emailing it to a friend.  As they join our company you’ll earn up to $450.00 each time, and these unlimited checks will arrive weekly.

Watch the Video below (& send it to a friend), as you will see, many desperately need our help and our company is ready to embrace them.

Help wanted: Join a booming recession proof company, with a world-famous CEO.  Top paying positions available to you and those you know.  Positions available throughout The United States (USA), Canada, Mexico,  Colombia, Israel & beyond.  We do not limit your territory.

Location: Must be able to work remotely or from home. Personal phone needed.  Computer access helpful.  Ability to travel a plus yet not necessary (contact your CPA regarding your ability to write off phone bills, computer bills,  travel expenses, meal expenses & more). We’re currently looking to train individuals how to easily open/develop their local territories in USA, Canada, Mexico & Colombia, using our system.

Hours: Create your own hours of operation.  Most work 4-10 hours weekly to start . Many keep their current business/job and work with us, because Zrii can be a transparent overlay on top of what you’re currently doing during your regular work day.

Leads: We will coach you to cultivate unlimited personal & internet leads through our simple system.

No Selling Products:  Our clean Ayurvedic wellness products are first to market and they are in high-demand, yet selling product is not required.  Many of our executives enjoy FREE monthly product.  In addition to being a recruiter for our company, you may chose to promote our products too, if you know someone who would like to lose 5-25 pounds or more or if you know someone who’d like to increase their immunity and energy naturally, yet selling product is is not necessary.

Training: We provide initial training and ongoing training. We are looking for individuals who are open to coaching & using our proven system.

Contact Cindy Virden Today





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