Join Top Team in Zrii for Global Launch 2010

Have you heard about the hottest new Network Marketing opportunity in the United States, Canada, Mexico & Columbia? 

Zrii was born from the vision of business icon and billion dollar branding expert, Bill FarleyZrii means: Light, Luster, Splendor & Prosperity. Of these, the one word that most epitomizes the Zrii way of life is prosperity. It is our philosophy that those who join Zrii choose to open the doors for both giving and receiving, as well as health, prosperity, freedom and time spent with family. There is a path to a better life, it’s called Zrii.  Bill Farley’s goal is to grow Zrii to a billion dollar company.  As we all know, the best predictor of future performance is a person’s track record.  Bill Farley has owned such companies as Fruit of the Loom, Christian Dior, Gitano Sportswear and many more.  His vision is for Zrii to surpass all of those in both brand recognition and earnings.  Zrii is the only 3rd party product to receive the endorsement of Harvard educated Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center for Well Being.

Zrii Timing and Trends

Timing is absolutely critical to making the big money in Network Marketing.  No matter how great you are, how much experience you have, or how many people you know, if you join a company that has reached the stability (maturity) phase, then you simply can’t make the big money, no matter how hard you work. Urgency can only be created during the momentum phase or better yet right before it. These phases only happen once.  Make sure you invest your time, money and effort with a winning company that is Debt Free.

would you like to be one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity when Zrii™ launches internationally in countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Africa or in Europe?

 Register as a distributor (or pending distributor if you do not live in the US, Canada or Mexico) to position yourself early in what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories in MLM history. (Zrii™ has already broken three MLM records in the United States!)

 When Zrii™ goes live internationally in countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Africa or Europe on Day 1 you will already have an established geneaology and downline.

 Get in early, it’s all about timing. Take action today! Go ahead, register now by selecting the country in which you wish to do business. 

Download now or preview on posterous

EN_Prosperity.pdf (206 KB)

The Zrii Prosperity Plan

The Zrii Prosperity Plan™(Zrii Compensation Plan) is the most innovative and rewarding pay plan for today’s serious entrepreneur. We’ve combined seven of the very best elements in network marketing pay plans and given it our own special twist, providing you a plan unmatched in the network marketing industry.  The Zrii Prosperity Plan makes it easier for the average person to succeed.

  1. Retail Bonus (paid monthly)
    Enroll Preferred Customers (PC) and enjoy a monthly Retail Bonus on their every purchase.
  2. Enroller Retail Bonus (paid weekly)
    Earn immediate income for growing your business. Bonus percentages are based on initial product sales.
  3. Rising Star Pool (paid monthly)
    Be rewarded for generating volume from new IEs and/or PCs. This monthly paid pool is made up of 3% of total market CV and is paid pro-rata amongst qualifiers.
  4. Team Commissions (paid weekly)
    Earn 10% of your pay leg Organizational Volume (OV).
  5. Matching Bonus (paid weekly)
    Match the team commissions of the independent executives you enroll and their downline (up to 5 generations dynamically compressed).
  6. Leadership Pool (paid monthly)
    Share in 1% of the entire company’s total global commissionable sales. Qualified 8 Stars and above earn one share in this pool for every 1,000 CV increase in their pay leg in a month.
  7. Achievement Bonus (one-time bonuses)
    Maintain your personal achievements for a specified number of months as you progress through the ranks of the company and earn bonuses totaling over $1 million.
  8. Premium Executive Rewards (variable bonuses)
    Reaching the premium levels of the Prosperity Plan earns you multiple bonuses and rewards, including multiple bonuses and our BMW reimbursement program.

Leadership – We train you for success in Zrii

Cindy Virden went from being a practice management consultant, helping doctors to achieve million dollar practices, to working in network marketing, helping the MASSES achieve million dollar lifestyles. She is recognized as a leader in the industry and has brought her talent and leadership skills to lead a global team and provide mentorship and business coaching to intentional create six and seven figure incomes to those who desire to do the same! Our Leadership Team “The All Star Life” are well known throughout the industry. They are founding executives, top producers, top income earners, and top award winners in Zrii and that’s not by chance. We are fortunate to have them! Our system brings instant and guaranteed success and it allows people to share our company quickly, easily and professionally with those who are in need and looking for a higher income and or more free time.  Join the 1,000s upon 1,000s of ALL STARS and start working smarter, not harder.

Register and Join Zrii Now!

Join Our Zrii Team in the US, Canada, Mexico or Columbia!

If you are ready to join Zrii now, there are two choices today. If you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico or Columbia you can become an Independent Executive and build your team with us. In some cases, if you have a US Social Security number or the equivalent in Canada or Mexico and Columbia and a mailing address in the respective country or countries, you may sign up and build your team with us as well as receive your product.

 Contact Cindy Virden




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