Accelerate your business, accelerate your life, today with Chopra Endorsed NutriiVeda Accell

Accelerate your business, accelerate your life, today!

Limited time offer ACCELLeration Pack!

With $85 in savings, this unique pack includes the

Zrii Membership, one box of our newly announced NutriiVeda Accell, one bottle of Zrii and one canister of NutriiVeda Shakes** for only $79.95

Call Cindy Virden to order today 330-635-1228 offer ends October 31st, 2010!


We are entering momentum and massive, explosive growth in this company, this is your chance to position yourself in front of this movement, we are talking potential six figures per month in residual income! Believe it or not it is real, it is happening, it’s been done before, it will be done again, the question is will it be you? I can tell you one thing, this will happen with or without you! These products are uniquely and ayurvedically formulated, there is NOTHING on the market that compares to the nutritional profiles contained in these supplements. The vision is BIG, the potential is spine tingling and the results speak for themselves. Nourish, renew, recharge and rebalance.

24 hour recorded info: Hear from Brad Hager, million dollar earner (800) 671-8955 and Angie Levine, top leader and founding executive (800) 408-8568


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