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Cindy Virden who you will be working with directly went from being a practice management consultant, helping doctors to achieve million dollar practices, to working in network marketing, helping the MASSES achieve million dollar lifestyles. She is recognized as a leader in the industry and has brought her talent and leadership skills as a Global Recruiter. Her team provides mentorship and business coaching to intentional create six and seven figure incomes to those who desire to do the same!



“J.J. Levine, Angie Levine, Dave Mancuso and Vicki Mancuso are well known throughout the industry.  They are top producers in Zrii, top income earners in Zrii, and the top award winners in Zrii  and that’s not by chance. We are lucky to have them” ~ Vice President of Zrii, Mr. Andrew Mangeris

We work with a business icon who has created 6 Billion Dollar Companies and has just launched his 7th, and a marketing icon who has earned over $20 million in the home based business industry. We are looking for SERIOUS people who want to earn 6 and 7 figures a year. Find out how we replaced a doctor’s income with part time effort.
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