Zrii NutriiVeda is Looking for people to Lose weight naturally, Chopra Center endorsed WEIGHT LOSS STUDY!

Do not be shaped like a SNOWMAN this Winter!


*Reduce stress *Increase your metabolism *Lose Weight & Belly Fat

*Improve your digestion & *Earn some extra money! 


Zri is Looking for people to participate in an all natural,

Chopra Center endorsed WEIGHT LOSS STUDY!

Are you up to the challenge? First Contact Cindy Virden to get signed up

Call to set up your consultation 330-635-1228!



Actual case studies in this video

NutriiVeda Program – 3 Steps & 12 Weeks

 The NutriiVeda Program is tailored to improving many areas of your health: digestion, cleansing the tissues, lightening the body, creating clarity in the mind, and revitalizing your energetic core. It is founded on Ayurvedic Sciencewhich is  the theory that well being and health extend to all parts of your life.

Program Overview

Step 1 – Incorporation & Detoxification

The first 2 weeks of the program are important to changing your habits and  beliefs about losing weight.  Although modifying these behaviors will take time, the program is designed to create a long-term lifestyle change that is beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Step 2 – Creating Balance

Step 2 is from week 3 of the program until you have reached your weight loss goal. This is the real heart of the program. You must follow this step with discipline. If you do weight will fly off and you’ll also increase vitality, immunity, and create overall good health.

Step 3 – Maintaining the Lifestyle

Step 3 is all about maintaining your ideal weight and “locking-in” the new lifestyle you have created. It’s important to remember to consciously keep the program going so you can maintain the positive results.

By following the NutriiVeda program, you will learn how to:

  • bring greater awareness to your dietary and lifestyle choices
  • eat a balanced diet
  • improving overall digestion, metabolism, and vital energy.
  • exercise in a way that balances your unique bodily constitution.
  • incorporate mind-body techniques ( meditation, breathing, and simple Yoga exercises) into your lifestyle.
  • set and achieve your goals through ’self-referential’ exercises

Most importantly, you will learn what it feels like to take a conscious move towards greater health, and how to lead by example and inspire others around you!

Next Steps:


(1) Check out the Free Download:

Download now or preview on posterous

NutriiVeda.pdf (6566 KB)

(2) Buy NutriiVeda and Get Started:

  • Purchase (1) 2 Pak to replace 1 meal a day
  • Purchase (2) 2 Paks to replace 2 meals a day
  • Ask Cindy about adding ACCELL to Transform your metabolism into a Calorie & Fat burning machine!
Download now or preview on posterous

Accell_flyer[1].pdf (266 KB)

Are you up to the challenge? First Contact Cindy Virden to get signed up 330-635-1228!

Join with Zrii Body Transformation Challenge to create a whole new you! However,this is more than a weight loss challenge to transforming your body—give yourself the challenge to transform your wardrobe, your self image, and your overall health.

Two Grand Prize winners will be selected among all participants to win the grand prize—$2,500!

The Body Transformation Challenge has two categories:

  • Females
  • Males

Each category will have a grand prize winner, as well as a second- and third-place winner (see next page of this form for judging details).

  • Grand Prize: $2,500 cash and a vacation for 2 (Zrii incentive Trip – Level 1)
  • Second prize: $1,000
  • Third prize: Three months of free product

Register for the NutriiVeda Challenge

Download the complete NutriiVeda Program Guide








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