DR. DEEPAK CHORPA ~ Be part of only 3rd party company he has ever been involved with for $99

Dr. Deepak Chopra addressed our company

Speaking about how stress & obesity are now an epidemic in the western world.

The Zrii product line which was formulated by Dr. Chopra and Dr. David Simon

works at the cellular level to help people lose weight and reduce stress.


DR. DEEPAK CHORPA ~ You can be a part of the only third party company Dr. Chopra has ever been involved with for only $99.00



• 1 box of NutriiVeda Accell

• Zrii 2 pack

• 1 canister of NutriiVeda Shakes (chocolate or vanilla)

• $50 Membership Fee

Cindy Virden and her Team is currently focused on & committed to “Empowering Leaders to to create a Legacy of Abundance.” Cindy specializes in developing six figure income earners by teaching them to leverage our system so they can STOP trading time for money and & live the life they where destined to live.”

My Zrii business is in momentum! NOW for $99.99, how would you like to get a spot on the fastest growing team, with the GREATEST Distributor retention & in one the fastest growing companies? 



Call this message to learn about the program


then CALL Cindy Virden 330-635-1228

to get STARTED today!



Millionaire Hotline: 646-222-0293

Schedule your Executive Appointment here: 800-671-8955

Mobile Office 330-635-1228





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