Chopra Center Endorses Zrii’s Hot New Product NutriiVeda Accell *Click here to order!


Zrii® strides into the weight management season sporting one of the most credible endorsements ever, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing™. Founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, the Chopra Center is home to programs that integrate the healing arts of the East with the best modern medicine from the West.

Just in time for the New Year Zrii introduces its new product NutriiVeda Accell. Zrii’s latest product delivers a powerful metabolism boost and is based in Ayurvedic principles. With the endorsement of the world-renowned Chopra Center, co-founded by pop-culture icon, Deepak Chopra, Zrii rises above the industry standard setting a new precedent for natural weight management products. “There is no other endorsement like it in the world,” says Vice President of Marketing Ann Billings. Ann then goes on to say, “We are very privileged to work with Dr. Deepak. He is an extraordinary man and looked up to by many. Having such a credible stamp of approval on each of our products is what makes our company so unique and successful.”

In addition to its world-renowned endorsement, Zrii has launched a weight loss campaign focusing on keeping a healthy body image. Known as the NutriiVeda Experience, this promotion includes social media contests, promotional product packs and a weight loss challenge, culminating in an extreme makeover with one of Los Angeles’ leading celebrity photographers. “We invite everyone to come and experience the NutriiVeda difference,” says Billings. “The power of Zrii’s all natural products coupled with the Chopra Center’s impeccable reputation, puts Zrii at a competitive advantage never before seen in the nutritional industry.” **Start weight Loss program here

Formally launched in May 2008, Zrii® LLC, founded by CEO Bill Farley ( is an International wellness company that utilizes the direct selling industry to market an exclusive nutritional beverage, Zrii the Original Amalaki™, and a revolutionary weight management product line NutriiVeda™ including Accell and weight management shakes. Based primarily on the ancient wellness practices of Ayurveda, order Zrii’s products here ( are fully endorsed by the prestigious Chopra Center for Wellbeing™, Zrii’s Independent Executives throughout five countries are committed to helping individuals achieve better health and wealth.


order Zrii’s products here (



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