Diabetes may affect 1 in 3 Americans by 2050! Naturally Help diabetes & blood sugar with Zrii!

 Are you DIABETIC or Borderline Diabetic?


If this is, YOU then Zrii is something you should consider adding to your diet.  Zrii is an all natural product line that can help you lose weight,lower your cholesterol & Zrii is a “Low Glycemic Index Food.”

What is Dr. Deepak Chopra & Chopra Wellness Center Endorsed Zrii?


Zrii is a powerful, new liquid nutritional drink, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Widely considered one the world’s most rejuvenating superfoods, Amalaki forms the basis of this delicious, functional beverage.

Zrii synergistically combines Amalaki with six other herbs and fruits, including Haritaki, Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, Jujube, and Schizandra. Blended in a base of pomegranate, pear, and grape juice, Zrii is packed full of antioxidants, bio-available Vitamin C, free-radical scavenging Polyphenols, and bioflavanoids and natural enzymes. This unique formulation is designed to promote cellular rejuvenation, immune function and increased vitality.

Zrii was designed to have sugar content in the form of simple carbohydrates from fruit pectins. There is no added sugar in our formulation. The exclusion of fruit sugar from the formulation would have provided different physiological implications for the way the botanicals are metabolized by the body. It also would have tasted extremely bitter without the natural sweeteners.

It is interesting to note that despite containing simple sugars, 

Zrii was recently certified as a “Low Glycemic Food” by Glycemic Index Labs 



A leading glycemic researcher that conducted a clinical study on the product. This is excellent for a product containing fruit juices and suggests that the active constituents of the botanicals may slow down/lessen the glycemic impact on the body. Next, see more information on Zrii’s Glycemic Certfication

Low Glycemic Certification

Zrii commissioned a clinical study with Glycemic Index Laboratories, the foremost worldwide authority on glycemic index determination. In fact, it was David Jensen of GIL that was inventor of the glycemic index and earlier this month published another large study on glycemic index in the “Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Based on the work conducted by Glycemic Index Laboratories it was confirmed in December 2008 that Zrii is a “Low Glycemic Index Food,” an important fact for not only diabetics but the increasing number of health-conscious customers concerned about “sugar spikes” and similar effects of simple carbohydrate products. Zrii will be authorized to use a Low Glycemic seal on its packaging.

Why this is important:

In an age where Diabetes is becoming epidemic, it is excellent for a product containing fruit juices to be certified low glycemic. Glycemic Index relates to the speed with which sugars are metabolized. Simple sugars are known to spike blood sugar, whereas complex carbohydrates are metabolized at a slower rate. Several of the botanicals in Zrii have also been clinically studied and shown to help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Zrii has a Low Glycemic Index

The three adaptogens in Zrii, which we discuss on the audio above, all have research stating they balance blood sugar:

1. Amalaki 2.Tulsi and 3. Schizandra.


I started Zrii in June 2008 – I have not been sick once even though I am exposed to sick patients all day long. It seems like I constantly send my employees home sick but I never catch it – a couple times I felt something coming on but doubled or even tripled my dose of Zrii, and by next morning I felt fine again. Love it! –Rebecca Runze

I recently started taking Zrii. Something that immediately changed is that I started sleeping through the night without having to get up and visit the restroom. Causation or correlation? Who cares? Just don’t take this stuff away from me… –Terri Hamel Estes

I am 61 years old I have been on Zrii for 10 months. I was on medication for high cholesterol, and now my cholesterol has never been so low. I have lost 40 lbs, and I do not crave certain foods anymore. Keep it coming! –Avril Black

I am a diabetic and practice Dentistry in Hollywood, Florida. I have been using Zrii for the past 4 months. My Blood Sugar levels are to the point that I have reduced the number and dosages of Insulin injections per day. Also, my vision, perhaps due to better blood sugar controls, has improved to the extent that I now wear glasses with a three year old prescription. Thank you Zrii! –Dr. Edward Fellows


Ayurveda identifies proper digestion as essential to overall health and a key component of any effective weight management product. Rather than just helping people lose pounds, Ayurveda aims to rid the body of excess fat and toxins, while promoting the transformation of unhealthy tissues into the foundational building blocks for vibrant health. Therefore, Ayurveda acknowledges that even seemingly “skinny” people can have suboptimal digestion and tissue formation, which is why the science focuses on transforming the entire body, rather than just losing weight.

NutriiVeda™ supports fat metabolism. As a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal replacement product, NutriiVeda also helps enhance fat metabolism for healthy weight control. 

NutriiVeda maintains normal blood sugar levels. NutriiVeda supports normal blood sugar levels, which is an important component for weight management and energy levels. 

NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite. NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite and eliminate unhealthy food cravings through a combination of botanicals and key nutrients often missing in today’s diet. 

NutriiVeda helps increase energy. NutriiVeda promotes balanced and sustained energy levels. 

NutriiVeda Is low-carbohydrate. NutriiVeda is a balanced part of a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet. 

NutriiVeda contains premium nutrition. NutriiVeda contains 22 premium vitamins and minerals, 20 amino acids, and high-quality sources of protein and soluble fiber. 

NutriiVeda is a “clean” product. Differing from most products on the market today, NutriiVeda is all natural and does not contain any synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. Additionally, NutriiVeda does not contain casein or gluten. 

Combines Ayurveda and Modern Science. NutriiVeda is a groundbreaking product—formulated by a world-renowned team of Ayurvedic doctors, Western physicians, and modern nutritional scientists.


Here is a fitting (or maybe not so fitting) article for the upcoming holiday…

It is projected by the Centers for Disease Control that Diabetes may affect as many as 1 in 3 Americans by 2050. Currently one in 10 U.S. adults has diabetes but as the number of overweight Americans increases so does the rise of diabetes. Kind of a mood killer when we are headed into a holiday full of junk food, treats and candy! But for those of us involved with Zrii, it might as well be music to our ears.

The article also talks about how programs need to be put in place to prevent obesity and diabetes. The higher the demand for weight loss, the higher the demand for weight loss products. And what better ways to lose weight than by using NutriiVeda Shakes, NutriiVeda Accell and Zrii? Now that is what I call good news! You can check out the whole article here.









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