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Is Nutriiveda Accell endorsed by Chopra Center just another energy drink?


ACCELL IS NOT AN ENERGY DRINK! Read this information and learn about this revolutionary product!


Utilizing a focused approach to weight management, Accell capitalizes on the three essential pillars of an effective metabolic system.


NutriiVeda Accell

  • Boost metabolism
  • Improve Digestion
  • Reduce Stress
  • Burn Fat

Accell is a convenient on-the-go weight management product that is simple portable and practical. Optimizing your body’s natural metabolic function, Accell allows for accelerated caloric burn rates, key to effective weight management. Combining the benefits of natural B-vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and organic greens, Accell ensures just the right amount of boost without harmful side effects.



Vidanga [Emblia ribes]

Has been used for centuries in India as a natural way to increase metabolism and digestion. It also improves intestinal flora and helps maintain digestive tract health.

Ashwagandha [Withania somnifera]

Known as the Indian Winter Cherry, Ashwagandha is considered a most important herb in Ayurveda. Possessing herbal anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this herb helps relieve stress and counteract negative adaptogens.

Trikatu [Ayurvedic Blend]

This legendary Ayurvedic combination of traditional herbs contains the fruits of Black Pepper, Indian Long Pepper and Ginger. The synergies between these three herbs work to support healthy digestion. Trikatu can enhance metabolic activity and absorption of nutrients.

Brahmi [Bacopa monieri]

Has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its ability to decrease cognitive stress. This herb supports clarity and focus. Brahmi also helps improve the physical processes involved in relaxation.



*Accel also contains natural enzymes, Bio-available B-vitamins, patented ionic trace minerals, and alkalizing green foods rounding out the crucial pillars of metabolism.
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Order Zrii NutriiVeda weight loss all NATURAL FAT KILLER here

What Is Nutriiveda™?

As a follow-up to its groundbreaking, flagship liquid nutritional, Zrii has created a revolutionary product in the weight-loss industry. Zrii has once again combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the best of modern scientific research to create NutriiVeda™, a wholly unique and 100% natural weight management product.

NutriiVeda is the first product of its kind in the industry and identifies proper digestion as its key component for effective weight management and overall health. With the introduction of NutriiVeda, Zrii is continuing to expand the opportunity for people to naturally take charge of their health.

Benefits Of NutriiVeda

Ayurveda identifies proper digestion as essential to overall health and a key component of any effective weight management product. Rather than just helping people lose pounds, Ayurveda aims to rid the body of excess fat and toxins, while promoting the transformation of unhealthy tissues into the foundational building blocks for vibrant health. Therefore, Ayurveda acknowledges that even seemingly “skinny” people can have suboptimal digestion and tissue formation, which is why the science focuses on transforming the entire body, rather than just losing weight.

>> NutriiVeda supports fat metabolism. As a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal replacement product, NutriiVeda also helps enhance fat metabolism for healthy weight control.

>> NutriiVeda maintains normal blood sugar levels. NutriiVeda supports normal blood sugar levels, which is an important component for weight management and energy levels.

>> NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite. NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite and eliminate unhealthy food cravings through a combination of botanicals and key nutrients often missing in today´s diet.

>> NutriiVeda helps increase energy. NutriiVeda promotes balanced and sustained energy levels. * NutriiVeda Is low-carbohydrate. NutriiVeda is a balanced part of a low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet.

>> NutriiVeda contains premium nutrition. NutriiVeda contains 22 premium vitamins and minerals, 20 amino acids, and high-quality sources of protein and soluble fiber.

>> NutriiVeda is a “clean” product. Differing from most products on the market today, NutriiVeda is all natural and does not contain any synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. Additionally, NutriiVeda does not contain casein or gluten.

>> Combines Ayurveda and Modern Science. NutriiVeda is a groundbreaking product‚ formulated by a world-renown team of Ayurvedic doctors, Western physicians, and modern nutritional scientists.


NutriiVeda is a refreshing 100%-natural meal-replacement drink that combines a proprietary blend of 7 Ayurvedic botanicals along with over 22 vitamins and mineralshigh quality protein, soluble fiber, and essential amino acids.

The scientifically proven ingredients in NutriiVeda have been shown to support fat metabolism, maintain normal blood sugar levels, curb appetite cravings, and promote greater energy levels. NutriiVeda is casein and gluten free and contains no preservatives.

NutriiVeda consists of all-natural high potency ingredients specifically endorsed by the Zrii Scientific Advisory Board.




Choco_NutritionFacts.pdf Download this file


Vanilla_NutritionFacts.pdf Download this file

Zrii Body Transformation Program™


NutriiVeda Program

Because Ayurveda recognizes that true body transformation and overall wellbeing must extend to all aspects of lifestyle, Zrii’s Scientific Advisory Board has created the wholly unique NutriiVeda Program‚Ñ¢. This program offers a tailored guidemap for improving digestion, cleansing the tissues, lightening the body, creating clarity in the mind, and revitalizing your energetic core. 

Phase 1: Incorporation & Detoxification

The first 2 weeks of the program are important to changing habits and practices that you have developed over the course of many years or even decades. Although modifying these behaviors will take time, the program is designed to create a long-term lifestyle change that is beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Phase II: Creating Balance

Phase II will last from week 3 of the program until you ultimately reach your weightloss goal. This second phase is the real substance or core of the program. If you are able to follow Phase II with discipline, you will shed excess weight while also increasing vitality, immunity, and creating overall good health.

Phase III: Maintaining the Lifestyle

Phase III is designed to help you maintain your ideal weight and the new lifestyle that you have worked so hard to achieve. The most important thing to remember is that you have to consciously keep the program going on some level, in order to maintain the positive results.

By following this program, you will learn:

* How to bring greater awareness into your dietary and lifestyle choices in order to achieve optimal health.

* How to eat a balanced diet and help achieve your ideal weight through improving overall digestion, metabolism, and vital energy.

* How to exercise in a way that balances your unique bodily constitution.

* How to incorporate mind-body techniques such as meditation, breathing, and simple Yoga exercises that will assist in your weight management program.

* How to set and achieve your goals through ‘self-referential’ exercises such as daily wellness journaling to help keep you on track and to chart your success. Most importantly, you will learn what it feels like to take a conscious step towards greater health, and how to lead by example and inspire others around you!

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Yes! Those who wish to be a customer may enjoy a one-time order of product or a convenient autoship without any commitments. An Autoship of Zrii and/or NutriiVeda simplifies your life because it feels great  to be in complete control.  Plus there’s no hassle of driving to a store or re-ordering. Discover how to receive a FREE monthly autoship below! Call the person who referred you to our site and share which autoship you’d like (or if you’d prefer a one time order). If you came to our site on your own call us –  TO CONTACT US click hereAfter you choose your autoship YOU ARE IN CHARGE. Simply call Zrii Support at 1-866-349-9911 to change, increase, decrease, pause or stop your order at any time.  Autoships may only be purchased from Zrii Independant Executives (not Zrii Support).



$120.00 – Zrii 4pk (4 large bottles of Zrii/one month supply)
$135.00 – Zrii Sample Pack (24 mini sample bottles/one month supply)
$240.00 – Zrii 8pk (8 large bottles of Zrii)
$270.00 – 2 Zrii Sample Packs (48 mini sample bottles)
$255.00 – Zrii 4pk plus Zrii Sample Pack (4 large & 24 minis)  recommended / most popular



$80.00 –   NutriiVeda™ Chocolate (2 containers=1 shake/day for a month)

$80.00 –   NutriiVeda™ Vanilla (2 containers=1 shake/day for a month)

$160.00 – NutriiVeda (double order 4 containers = 2 shakes/day for a mo.) recommended


$140.00 – 2PAK ZRII plus 2pk Nutriiveda Chocolate (2 large Zrii & 2 containers NV)

$140.00 – 2PK ZRII plus 2pk NutriiVeda Vanilla (2 large Zrii & 2 containers NV)

$295.00 – POPULAR COMBO:  24 mini Zrii for the on the go person ($135) plus 4 NV ($160) RECOMMENDED


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